Mutsuyuki Motomura, born in Kagoshima Japan, started concert activities in his teens. After earning a bachelor's degree of engineering at the University of Tokyo, he studied both modern and early music with Walter van Hauwe at Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam, and proceeded to his postgraduate study with Jeanette van Wingerten. After years of musical activities in Europe, he is now one of the leading recorder player in Japan.

He gives life to the recorder’s characteristics – celestial limpid tones and subtle narrative nuances. His performance expresses the exquisite combination to bring out the charms of each piece – not only a masterpiece but also a small piece. He forms the boroque ensemble ‘Lusthoffers’ and the recorder consort ‘SWEET FLUTES’. Besides, his own recital series extensively covering recorder repertoire is attracting much attention.

Recently, he directed 'Tokyo Recorder Festival 2009' and led a great success.

His CD series includes "Music appreciation of in 17th and early 18th century Holland", "Francesco Barsanti : 6 Recorder Sonatas", "Seven Centuries of Solo Recorder"

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